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Water Cycle Lapbook

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Living in the Past


Well we finished it! So here it is!

The foundation for this is from Hands of a Child. I added other things I located online and we did lots of activities and such that can’t be put in a lapbook!

Here’s the front cover:

We did this activity book( PDF file..can be printed) which couldn’t be attached to the lapbook so we just laid it inside:

This next part is a printable placemat.. well it’s supposed to print well but mine didn’t so I ended up putting the image into Word then resizing and printing. We used it as a nice visual for the whole unit.

the wheel in the middle came from here.

here’s the sides:

the cloud craft came from DLTK:

The underside of the first extension:

The top of the 2nd extension:

The underside of it:

The Water Cycle in a Bag came from here.

The inside of the book:

This little book came from here.

We also played this several times.. Droplet the game.

We read this online book: Drippy the raindrop.

For older kids ( Declan’s 5 years 11months) there are also a lot of activities here.

And a fill in here.

We hope you enjoyed our Lapbook.. we loved learning and making it!



  1. Sherri says:

    You’re getting very creative with the lapbooks!!! That looks like so much fun!!

  2. Chelita says:

    Very FUN! I know they learned so much!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Great job. I really enjoyed looking at all of the photos and I am sure that Declan had a lot of fun with it. We visit DLTK quite often for the crafts. That cloud was so cute. Now I am off to check out the links that you gave. *smile*

  4. Dana says:

    Hi! Alston Academy left a comment on my blog and when I looked at her links, I found your blog. I LOVE your water cycle lapbook and all of the extra activities you did. Looks like lots of fun learning!

  5. elizabeth says:

    I think you are doing a wonderful job with all your lapbooks. Do you find it easy to make your own lapbooks. I want to start to make my own lapbooks but not sure where to start. I am using the already made one from HOAC. But cant afford to keeping buying some of the lapbook.

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